Unique Technology to Bring a Simple Solution to Fire Resistance … Water
Panels manufactured with Pyrotite® contain no less than two quarts of water per 4'x8' panel. The water is locked into the crystals of the thin ceramic coating that is applied onto plywood or OSB panels. The panels can be coated one- or two-sided. The water is released only during the heat of a fire. As the temperature rises during a fire, all the water is released.

During a fire, every second counts. That’s why you’ve got to have panels manufactured with Pyrotite as your fire-rated roof and wall sheathing. Our panels add more time during a fire because it resists burn-through and exceeds the 30-minute Class-A flame spread rating.

Unlike less effective chemically treated products, (e.g. FRT Plywood), panels manufactured with Pyrotite experience no side effects. No initial or long-term loss of structural strength. No negative environmental effects, and no special handling requirements.

So when you need a panel that’s tested and warranted for life, get panels manufactured with Pyrotite, an ideal choice for all types of construction – including multi-family residential, commercial buildings and critical environments like hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Our products are covered by ICC ESR-1365, ensuring code recognition nationwide wherever the International Building Code is being used to dictate building specifications. ignition resistant building material, non combustible building material, California WUI listed

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