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International Barrier Technology, Inc., owns the exclusive U.S. and international rights to Pyrotite fire retardant technology, Pyrotite trademark, US and international patents, and know-how (collectively, "Pyrotite Technology"). In addition, in early 2006, Barrier received “patent pending” status on our 3.2 Mil manufacturing line process. Based on Barrier's success in developing a US market and sales for Blazeguard®, its award-winning, fire resistant wood panel, these key elements enable the company to significantly expand market opportunities and sales growth of Blazeguard and the Pyrotite Technology in new countries, new applications, and through new business strategies such as licensing.

The time is right to focus on establishing licensing relationships with industry leaders in the U.S. and international markets, in existing as well as promising new applications. With $9.8 billion in residential and commercial property damage caused by fire in the US in 2004, and $3.0 billion in damage caused by the California wildfires alone in 2003, there are clearly significant unmet needs for effective materials to help protect people and property from fire. Blazeguard and the Pyrotite Technology can help meet these needs.

Barrier's ownership of the Pyrotite technology and patent pending status on the new manufacturing line provides the following opportunities and benefits:

  • Licensing and other business models
    Barrier has the unrestricted ability to establish licensing and other business arrangements with third parties worldwide. Barrier is enabled to leverage the resources of companies with expertise in particular applications and countries to accelerate the commercialization of Blazeguard and Pyrotite.

  • New applications
    Barrier's Blazeguard® wood panels are currently used as fire resistant sheathing in residential and commercial modular buildings. Potential fire resistance applications in engineered wood products, paint, plastics, and expanded polystyrene significantly broaden the array of new product and market opportunities.

  • Geographic extension from the US to global markets
    Many countries use construction methods and have emerging building codes favoring building materials that help protect people and property from fire, adding significant new target markets.

For licensing or Pyrotite application inquiries, please contact Dr. Michael Huddy, President, at 1-800-638-4570.


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