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Friday, October 27, 2004

International Barrier Progresses on ICC-ES Code Report for Blazeguard ® Laminated Fire-Rated Sheathing

Anticipated ICC-ES Code Report Expected to Open New Markets and Reduce Expenses

Watkins, MN; Vancouver, BC October 27, 2004 - International Barrier Technology Inc. (“Barrier”) (IBTGF: OTCBB; IBH: TSXV) ), a manufacturer of proprietary fire resistant building materials, reports the approval, by the International Code Council Evaluation Services Committee (ICC-ES), of “acceptance criteria” for the purpose of evaluating and accepting fire rated laminated panels for use under the new International Building Code (IBC).

Barrier applied for a code evaluation services report in March, 2004. The first step in this process was for ICC-ES to write and approve, for the first time, acceptance criteria for structural wood panels that were fire treated by a surface applied laminate technology, such as Pyrotite ™. Now that acceptance criteria have been accepted, Barrier is required to submit test data supporting Blazeguard’s performance characteristics for applications targeted under the building code. After these test reports and information have been formerly reviewed, the International Code Council (ICC) will issue an evaluation services report (ES Report). This report will be used by building code officials all over the US (and wherever else the IBC has been accepted globally) to provide a basis for approving Blazeguard in construction projects governed by the IBC. The credibility of this report will enhance the marketability of Barrier’s Blazeguard ® fire resistant panels to US builders across the country and will provide the company with an important new marketing opportunity and tool: it will add the previously untapped western region.

“Barrier is pleased with the approval of these acceptance criteria. It is the first and most important milestone in our quest to obtain a code evaluation services report for Blazeguard ® under the IBC. The acceptance criteria were written on the basis of Blazeguard’s existing legacy report guidelines, so the majority of fire testing and reporting has already been completed. The only additional test reports required to be submitted will be those in support of new market applications, such as the Mule-Hide FR panel, which are already completed”, said Michael Huddy, International Barrier’s president. “Our need for a code evaluation service report is currently being met only in the eastern US by existing “legacy reports” (issued by BOCA and SBCCI), but the new ICC-ES report will allow Barrier to more aggressively target western US and overseas markets.”

Model building codes were consolidated in early 2000. The National Building Code (BOCA), the Standard Building Code (SBCCI), and the Uniform Building Code (ICBO) were merged into the International Building Code (ICC), which has become the “official” model building code in the US. Products that had active reports under the old codes are allowed to maintain them under a “legacy report” system. Barrier has to date maintained a legacy report for both the National Building Code and the Standard building code but not the Uniform Building Code. The new ICC-ES will handle, in one follow-up registration system, what it has taken three to accomplish in the past, greatly reducing expenses. In addition, all geographic regions in the US will be covered under one unified program and one annual fee.

About International Barrier Technology Inc.
International Barrier Technology, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary fire resistant building materials branded as Blazeguard®. The award-winning Blazeguard wood panel uses a patented, non-toxic, non-combustible coating with an extraordinary capability: it releases water when exposed to the heat of fire. The panels exceed International Building Code requirements in every targeted fire test and application, and are unique in combining properties that increase panel strength and minimize environmental and human impact. Blazeguard customers include Centex, D.R. Horton, KB Home, and Lennar. Lowe’s Companies and Stock Building Supply are Blazeguard distributors.

Barrier is part of the DJ Building Materials Index (US)


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David J. Corcoran
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